About Aviation Security

FQS is currently approved by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) as an Approved Security Training Organisation (ASTO). ASTO: IE/ASTO/00022-01

The FQS team is built around motivated, skilled, professional industry experts in the field of Aviation Security and Supply Chain Requirements. The team is complemented by a broad group of associates who work across all areas of the Aviation Security Field. FQS works closely with Industry and Regulatory bodies to ensure it is delivering efficient, efficient compliance meeting the legal requirements for Aviation Security.

FQS works under a controlled quality management system to ensure to meet the standards of National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP)

Aviation Security Training

Training programmes are delivered by Competent experts to ensure your personnel are trained and knowledgeable in this critical area. This is augmented by ensuring that all trainees are competent in the learning objectives. We leverage from industry experience and learnings to ensure an effective training module is delivered. As an ASTO we use guidance material as provided by the IAA, but it is tailored to suit, ensuring training is fit for purpose.

Our Services

Aviation Security

Programme implementation and Reviews - auditing

Risk assessments

e.g. internal programme, Supply Chain Risks

Improvement Projects

Including investigational work

Closures of CAPAs

and non-conformances and occurrences/investigations

Aviation Security

Training, tests, audits, surveillances

Gap assessments to NCASP and EU legislation

Gap Analysis can be carried out to determine the gaps in the system with a pre- determined standard.

Consultancy Work

In relation to Aviation Security