Aviation Security Training

The FQS team is built around motivated, skilled, professional industry experts in the field of Aviation Security and Supply Chain Requirements. The team is complemented by a broad group of associates who work across all areas of the Aviation Security Field. FQS works closely with Industry and Regulatory bodies to ensure it is delivering efficient, efficient compliance meeting the legal requirements for Aviation Security. Training programmes are delivered by Competent experts to ensure your personnel are t rained and knowledgeable in this critical area. This is augmented by ensuring that all trainees are competent in the learning objectives. We leverage from industry experience and learnings to ensure an effective training module is delivered. As an ASTO we use guidance material as provided by the IAA, but it is tailored to suit, ensuring training is fit for purpose.

FQS ASTO: IE/ASTO/00022-01

All instructors are certified with the Irish Aviation Authority and have a dedicated Aviation Security Certified Instructor Number.

Our key aim is to ensure that:

• learning objectives are aligned to regulatory requirements
• personnel are competent in their duties
• ensure that trainees can demonstrate that they can apply the learning
in the operational environment (a key concern of the IAA at present).
• the training is effective and relevant to the position and company
• Companies are kept current with regulatory updates, recent findings
and upcoming changes

Our training portfolio includes modules for:

Known Consignors • Regulated Agents • Certified Hauliers • Known & Regulaed Suppliers
• Cargo & Mail Agents • Freight Forwarders • Inflight & Airport Suppliers

Training is in line with NCASP and
Commission implementing regulation (EU)
2015/1998, chapter 11 competency requirements

The list of competencies below for all different positions, will be covered in the FQS training programmes to ensure that all the relevant personnel have complete knowledge and understanding of their security role and all regulations related to aviation security.

List of Competencies

• Competency 11.2.2: Basic Security Training

• Competency Training of persons implementing security controls for cargo and mail other than screening

• Competency Training of persons implementing security controls for air carrier mail and materials, in-flight supplies and airport supplies other than screening

• Competency 11.2.4: Specific training for persons directly supervising persons implementing security controls e.g. Supervisors

• Competency 11.2.5: Specific training for security manager

• Competency 11.2.7: General Security Awareness Training

Theoretical Job Specific training also provided for Competencies related to the above Theory Training

On the job and practical training can be completed by FQS or be completed under client
internal modules where FQS Instructor will assess the module to ensure it meets the requirements of the competency as laid down in the regulations.

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