Temperature and Humidity Mapping

The mapping exercise identifies potential variations in the environmental conditions in a specific process, storage or transport location that could impact the quality of the medicinal products exposed to that area. The temperature mapping exercise can incorporate installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) and/or performance qualification (PQ) depending on the specific client requirements. 

The goal of the mapping exercise is to ensure medical product quality will not be impacted for the full shelf life when exposed to those conditions, especially relevant when temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products are handled and stored.

FQS team of experts can help your company assessing the environmental conditions of your process/storage/transport areas including ambient, cold chain and freezers.

FQS offer an onsite service which includes:

Temperature and Relative Humidity Mapping / Thermal Qualification Can Be Carried Out On the Following Areas:

Warehouse & Storage Areas

Production Areas


Warehouse & Storage Cold Rooms / Fridges / Freezers


Veterinary Clinic


Transportation Vehicles